Budget Travel - 4 Bits of Travel Advice to Enjoy Budget Travel

Budget travel is an extraordinary way to see the world.

Chances are you'll mostly be on foot. So you'll see more of the place you're visiting than you would if you were taking a tour bus or a taxi. There's a good chance you'll also meet more people and get more in touch with the local culture.

You'll come away with real experiences rather than glimpses of a different way of life.

If this sounds like a fun way to enjoy discount vacations then budget travel could be the way to go for you.

There are a handful of things you can learn that will make traveling on a budget a lot easier for you.


If this is a last minute trip and it's the holidays, there's a really good chance that just about every flight and hotel room is full. However, there are always ways around this.

On certain days around the holidays the flights will be emptier.

If you can travel on these days you'll have a better chance of getting a seat on a plane. These days are:
# Christmas Eve
# Christmas Day
# New Years Eve
# New Years Day

In general, though, it is best to travel off season.
# Search the internet to find out when peak season is at your destination. Don't go then.

There are a lot of benefits for taking this route.
# There won't be crowds.
# Everything will be emptier.
# Things will be cheaper.
# You'll have a better opportunity of enjoying the scenery.

Make sure to pick an airline that offers daily flights rather than weekly ones.

These companies have much better rates.

Getting Through Bus and Train Journeys

If you're on a tighter budget you'll be taking a bus or a train instead of a plane because it's often much cheaper. This is the thing with budget travel. The downside is that traveling on a bus or a train can be uncomfortable. If you're in an underdeveloped country the roads are often gouged with potholes so it will be a bumpy ride at best.

The big plus is you'll see and experience things that most people who read glossy travel magazines miss. You'll enjoy the scenery in a way that would be impossible if you were on a plane.
# If you're doing buses and trains, a great piece of travel advice is to bring earplugs or headphones. Anything to cut out the noise so you'll be able to get some sleep. Or if you just want to take a break from the noise of the vehicle for awhile.

It's really important to get a good seat.
# If you're traveling by bus and can choose in advance, get one in the front. You'll have more leg room and the bumps in the road won't feel as bad as they do sitting in the back.

Here's a thought.

Budget travel sometimes means traveling at night. That could be a good thing because it will be quieter. And since these are discount vacations to begin with, you can also save on one night's accommodations.