Great Family Holiday Travel Advice

Once you decide on a family holiday, you need to find some great travel advice to help you pack exactly what you need and nothing more. First, you need to consider all the ages of your family members so you can pack everything accordingly. Its important that you do not stress yourself out while trying to pack for holiday travel. Start as soon as you find out that you are going somewhere and avoid the rush.

Everything that is fun today requires a power cord. Pack a charging pad or separate cords for everything your family will need; MP3 players, iPods, handheld game systems, and cell phones.

Start a family journal on holiday travel advice. Your family can write in the journal while sitting in the hotel or while waiting for their flight. In the journal they can document some important tips they have learned along the way and you can reflect back on it later on in the years or even on your next flight. You also need to bring some reading material for everyone in the family to read during these times that you are sitting; books, magazines, coloring books, and activity books.

Everyone will need a snack in their bags and a bottle of water. Its easier to carry refillable water bottles than it is a six pack of water. Snacks need to be easy to eat so you do not have to set at a table or sit still while eating. The perfect snack to pack is trail mix, which you and your entire family can make together before you leave. Everyone can add what they like to the trail mix and ten you can place it into individual snack bags to eat along the way. This will give you and your family energy during your travels.

Most children who are used to taking naps will need to take one while traveling. Pack a small pillow that can fit snuggly in a bag. Stores have pillows that can bend and twist for a comfortable fit while you sleep.

Keep everything light and simple. Do not pack too many toys or clothes. Pack everything in zip lock bags because they seal up and will not leak and you can organize everything. For example, all the toothbrushes and paste can go into one large zip lock bag so it can be easy to find or you can label each bag for each person to keep track of.

You can also pack each days outfit in an individual bag so each person will know what coordinating outfit to put on. Shirts, pants, undergarments, and socks can all be placed in one bag for easy dressing.

Flights are not always cooperative, especially during holiday travels however, the best travel advice for flights would be to be prepared for anything; delays, cancellations, and other travel complications such as weather. Listen to the weather for the week before you leave so you will know what to expect on your travels. Keep the younger family members entertained and busy during the trip so they will be less anxious and you will not become more stressed.