Winter Travel Advice for Seniors

Whether you are heading south to avoid the approaching winter or visiting family during the holidays traveling can be hectic and stressful. In order to relieve some of the pressure and to help prevent important items from being left behind we have put together a winter travel packing guide. It is always important to remember that regardless of your means of travel things can go wrong whether it is weather delays or a flat tire, so you should be prepared for the worst during the winter.


When traveling by plane be sure to keep your personal identification, boarding pass, confirmation number, luggage information or any other documentation needed during your travels together in a secure place like a zipped compartment in your handbag or backpack. This should be handy so you can move quickly through lines without digging around in a bag. This will also let you quickly double check that you have all necessary documents with you. Each piece of luggage that you are traveling with should be clearly labeled with your contact information as well as with some type of marker. I chose to attach bright orange ribbon on each of my bags so I can clearly distinguish them on the luggage carousel. Since flights may be delayed due to weather and you may end up having to stay the night near an airport be sure to pack a change of clothes for everyone as long as a coat, gloves, blanket, and any necessary medication. Having an extra change of clothes is a good idea whenever traveling in case your luggage is misplaced or delayed.


Road trips are often a perfect opportunity spend quality time together, however they are accompanied by extra risks during the winter, which should be accounted for while packing. Road delays may significantly extend your travel time so be sure to pack extra books or battery operated games for entertainment. Snacks are another necessity during long car trips. Also be sure that there are blankets, gloves, and coats packed for each passenger. It may be in your best interest to bring a car phone charger or a battery operated phone charger in case you get stuck.


When traveling aboard a train it is just as important to take care of your travel documents as it if you were flying. Be sure to keep some information about hotels near major stations in case you get stuck due to winter weather delays. Pack a cozy sweater for everyone as well as some extra snacks and entertainment.

Regardless of your senior travel destination, it is important to be prepared for challenges on the way. This will help to give you piece of mind and ensure that you set the right tone for your vacation.